Services for our guests
List of services
History enthusiasts can visit the museum and learn about the lifestyle of old Karelians, live in authentic houses and try out the smoke sauna, taste karelian pies, fish pies, sulnichat and other traditional meals.
Guided tour
Throughout the day you will have a guided tour through the village and meet the culture of Southern Karelians, take a look at the chapel and see two museum exhibitions. The tours are held in Russian, Karelian. Finnish and English.
Cooking workshop
The locals will teach you to bake the traditional karelian pies. All by yourself you will craft a delicious meal for the tea ceremony and learn more about the local cuisine and traditions.
Handicraft workshop
In this workshop you will learn how to make a traditional doll - a symbol of wealth and good harvest. This little doll is a great souvenir to bring back from visiting an authentic village.
Lunch, dinner, tea time
For tourist groups meals can be arranged with a warning ahead of time. Lunch and dinner include meat and fish based Karelian meals.
Find out the prices and book a tour
We only work with bookings ahead of time. Your booking has to be at least a week in advance before the planned date of the visit

Feedback from our guests
Went to see the village in July and only for a few hours, but still remember it fondly! Especially the pies, made later at home by your recipe.Thank you for preserving the traditions, home cosiness and the beauty of this place!
Marina Semenovskaya
Nadezhda! Thank you for the warm welcome and the pie cooking workshop! The village has the aura of harmony with nature and peace! We were so comfortable with you!

Elena Moshnikova
Visited the village on Sunday, August the 4th. Came there with my wife around 5pm and the guided tour was hosted by Vanya, son of Nadyezhda Kalmikova, the head and the biggest enthusiast of Kinerma. Thank you so much, Vanya, you did a great job!
Sergei Nechayev
Kinerma - so much in this word! Karelian pies, mushroom milk soup and real herbal tea. BIG thanks to Nadyezhda for the warm and heartwarming welcome!

Anna Anhimova